The line is open. I’m sure Jay Barth will be along before long with some words from the Democratic National Convention and President Obama’s big speech. (UPDATE: Sorry, Jay must have gotten swept up in the euphoria that folllowed a raucous conclusion of a very successful convention with Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. That speech was fine, but safe, the pundits seem to say) Some other closing words:

* BIGGER TENT: Another night of strong political contrast after last night’s parade of women testifying in support of women’s essential health services, contraception and abortion rights. Tonight: You have the Republicans, whose homophobia ranges from quiet to, in Arkansas, full-throated. And you have the Democrats, which will hear in prime time tonight from Tammy Baldwin, running hard to be the first openly gay (gee, I hate that phrase) U.S. senator. Republicans still believe as a matter of party policy that it should be legal to fire Baldwin on account of her sexual orientation, no matter how meritorious her work. Speak on, Ms. Baldwin.


* OOPS: A contractor working for the city of Little Rock to tear down condemned structures tore down the wrong house, a vacant residence at 2800 Harrison Street. See jump for city statement.

* THE LYING LIARS: Republicans rolled out a TV ad today purporting to depict a former Obama supporter who’d given up on the president. She’s a long-time Republican staffer, who intones in the ad: “You’re just not the person I thought you were.” No s***.


* LESS IS LESS: Another explanation for Republican Rep. Bruce Westerman, who threw up a bunch of nonsense in a legislative committee yesterday that suggested a federal block grant approach could somehow save current state Medicaid programs at existing levels. This is so obviously wrong that you really have to believe Westerman was lying about the impact of the Romney-Ryan plan, which claims savings from dismantling Obamacare. From the link:

The savings don’t come from any known interventions. They come from drastically reducing the amount of money the federal government plans to give to the states in the future. That’s how they say they will save money. How much less money will the states be given? Tons:

* NEWSPAPERS GET NO RESPECT: This is funny. The University of Texas built a spiffy new building to house the College of Communication (newspapering and stuff). But they wouldn’t allow newspaper boxes on the premises. Too ugly for the edifice. Romenesko got on it. Architects have now been directed to come up with design-suitable newsboxes. Has anybody checked to see if college students actually still read paper newspapers?


* HAVE YOU READ GENE LYONS YET THIS WEEK? If not, do so. It’s a magnificent takedown of the lying Marathon Man, Paul Ryan.

* AND DON’T MISS: An extended version of Tom Tomorrow’s excellent cartoon coverage of the Republican National Convention. We carried the original strip this week, but he’s added even more here.

* OLYMPIC MEDALIST IN TOWN: Just learned that Michael Tinsley, the Joe T. Robinson grad who finished second in the 400 meter hurdles at the recent Olympics, will toss the coin Friday night at Joe T.’s football game with J.A. Fair.

* RAZORBACK FOOTBALL COACH FILES CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY: John Smith, the Razorback football coach, filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition in federal court today. The form lists $10 to $50 million in debts and $1 to $10 million in assets. He’d indicated earlier that bankruptcy was a possibility from his soured previous investments in real estate. Here’s today’s filing. A meeting of creditors has been scheduled Oct. 12 in Fayetteville.


* CLUELESS AND CRIMINAL IN MARION: AP’s Andrew DeMillo talks to freshly admitted felon Hudson Hallum, the Democratic representative from Crittenden County who pleaded guilty to an absentee vote buying scheme. corrupted, shameful, evil. All words he used. Accurately.