John Hofheimer in The Leader talks to Democratic legislators Barry Hyde and Jim Nickels, two of those being attacked in mass mail efforts by secretive independently financed groups working to elect corporate-friendly Republicans to the Arkansas legislature. Hyde didn’t vote for Obamacare and Nickels didn’t vote for a tax increase, but that’s not the impression left by the mail.

The Republicans who’ll talk about it all play Sgt. Schultz when asked about the slime campaign. I know NOTHING,says Jane English, for example.


The Democratic Party has asked Republicans to disavow the dishonest, secret smears. Fat chance. It’s part of their plan to take control of the legislature. It couldn’t be more coordinated if it was technically, if not already in every other respect, coordinated. Most mail recipients are none the wiser that they are being played. They might even believe some of the lies. The Republicans are counting on it.