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* THE DEMOCRATS HAVE MIKE BEEBE, THE ARKANSAS REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS GOD: It has come to this. Arkansas Republican Party messaging is that Democrats don’t believe in God. If Jesus does really endorse the Republican Party, does he know the ranks include Jon Hubbard, Loy Mauch, Charlie Fuqua and a motley assortment of various Ten Commmandment violators? I’ll stick with Matthew 6:6.

RAPE IS GODS WORK: Tea Party Republican Richard Mourdock steps in it.

  • RAPE IS GOD’S WORK: Tea Party Republican Richard Mourdock steps in it.

* SPEAKING OF GOD AND REPUBLICANS: Richard Mourdock, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Indiana, right after a Mitt Romney endorsement, proclaims that rape-caused pregnancies were something God intended to happen. Yes, he really did. Romney has put some distance between himself and the words, much like Arkansas Republicans briefly distanced themselves from words of Hubbard/Mauch/Fuqua and then resumed fervently working and hoping for their election. Make no mistake, the aim of the Arkansas Republican Party is to fill the Arkansas legislature with people who don’t want rape victims to have an abortion, even in the form of a pill administered minutes after an assault. It is, the Raperts of the world assure us, God’s will.

* WEST MEMPHIS THREE STORY HEADING TO COMMERCIAL TV: You can’t tell all the West Memphis Three media productions without a scorecard now. In addition to movies made and in the pipeline, now comes word of a drama series sold to Fox about the documentary filmmaker who did important work on the case through the years.


Fox has bought Paradise Falls, a crime drama from Emmy-winning Boardwalk Empire writer-producer Margaret Nagle. Joe Berlinger, who directed the HBO documentary series Paradise Lost about the trial, conviction and eventual release of the West Memphis 3, is co-executive producing the project, which will be loosely based on his experiences covering the case for two decades. The series centers on a down-on-his-luck documentary filmmaker who is sent by a crime reality show to cover the trial of a heinous crime that has engulfed the tourist town of Paradise Falls, PA. He uncovers corruption and deceit at every turn, realizing the case is a smokescreen for the townspeople’s twisted ambition for fame and profit.

* THIS IS A TEST, IT IS ONLY A TEST: Some buzz this morning about a test election results page on this TV news website. The numbers represent NOTHING. They are NOT early vote results.

* SOMEBODY TELL DEBBIE PELLEY; THE UN IS TAKING OVER BENTONVILLE: Remember wingnut Debbie Pelley and her alarums that Jonesboro was going to UN One-World Hell for considering bike paths and walking trails as part of a comprehensive community transportation plan? Get thee to Bentonville, Ms. Pelley. That notoriously liberal city has been designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community and Walmart is a big reason for the designation. Walmart has a Bike Share program and a bike-to-work day for employees. I can attest, after a recent visit, that there’s an obvious great investment in this and other recreational amenities in Bentonville, for which those famous socialists, Walmart and the Walton family, are important backers. There are also three miles of walking trails around the new Crystal Bridges Museum, a lovely place for a fall walk. We didn’t see a single black helicopter.


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  • LOTS OF BIKES, NO HELICOPTERS: In Bentonville, Ark.