DIGGING INTO DARK MONEY: On Frontline this week.

  • DIGGING INTO ‘DARK MONEY’: On Frontline this week.

Coming up on Frontline is more on this report, in cooperation with Pro Publica, on a trove of documents found in a meth house, that suggest ties between an independent electioneering group (think Americans for Prosperity in Arkansas) and the state campaigns in which the group was working in Montana.

The reporting is a deep look at how supposed nonpartisan nonprofits are distorting the law to engage in largely untraceable political activities. It also shows how inadequate election laws have proved in discouraging coordination of these efforts with the regular campaigns.

Think about it. Is it merely coincidental that the Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity advertising in Arkansas fits like a hand in a glove with the state legislative campaigns of the Arkansas Republican Party and its candidates? Are supporting communications for AFP by Republicans like former House Leader John Burris more coincidence? Is it just coincidence that Republican Sen. Missy Irvin turns up with campaign signs at an AFP event giving away half-price gasoline? I admit it doesn’t take a lot of genius to craft an all-Obama-all-the-time message, though there is a certain diabolical genius in doing it with photos of the black president fist-bumping with the popular Gov. Mike Beebe.

“Big Sky Big Money” will air on Frontline Tuesday night. It will air on AETN at 9 p.m.