It doesn’t get any better than this day. But you’re welcome to complain just the same. The line is open. Final words:

* SLEAZIEST AD OF THE SEASON: A lot of mud is flying, but the Republican Party of Florida takes the prize. It equates a Democratic state legislative candidate with pervert Jerry Sandusky for opposing legislation to end teacher tenure. Really. Her Republican opponent distances himself from the ad. But you can be sure he’ll be voting with the party leaders who are paying for it. This is no worse really than the sham of Arkansas Republican Chair Doyle Webb distancing himself from the Three Stooges — Mauch, Hubbard and Fuqua — while rubbing his hands with glee that they might be elected and participate in a new Majority of Stooges.,


* IT’S NEVER QUIET FOR THE LRPD: This ended OK but the report from Sgt. Cassandra Davis is a reminder of the combination law enforcement, crisis management and social work skills necessary on the streets of Little Rock:

At 9:41 am officers were called to 1923 S. Main to a possible kidnapping. Once there they learned that five year old ***** had been taken at gun point by her biological mother and her boyfriend. It was reported that the boyfriend pointed a weapon at the child’s guardian while the mother took the child. Suspects left the area in a 95 black nissan maxima. The guardian was also robbed of her purse during the incident. At approximately 1:30 pm an Amber Alert was being initiated when officers learned of a possible location of the suspects and the child. The child and both suspects were located at 3214 Martin Luther King. The residence is that of the mothers sister. A SWAT call out was initiated the suspects were taken into custody without further incident. The child was recovered. The mother and her boyfriend will likely face charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

* ANOTHER HOG IN THE HOOSEGOW: This arrested Razorback, according to the D-G, was an all-American female sprinter, Regina George, charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental operations.