The line is open. Closing out:

* CLARKSVILLE PORN SHOP WINS ANOTHER ROUND: The Arkansas Supreme Court today overruled a lower court and said the operator of an adult movie/etc. shop in Clarksville indeed could challenge the constitutionality of a city ordinance attempting use zoning controls to regulate it out of business. At issue was an argument on whether the business had given up the right to challenge the ordinance by not continuing to comply with permit procedures intended to make it hard for the company to do business.


* WHY STATE LEGISLATIVE CONTROL MATTERS: The majority party controls redistricting. Result of heavy Republican influence on redistricting — they picked up more seats than their vote totals in the presidential race (and sometimes in overall congressional races) should have provided. Arkansas was an outlier. Democrats controlled redistricting and Arkansas elected not a single Democratic member of Congress, perfectly terrible underperformance. The effects of this can last for a decade. (Though, in theory, in Arkansas, Democrats could hardly do worse the next eight years.)

* A FINE WHINE: Has there ever been a bigger baby than Mike Huckabee?


* WHEN THE FAITH-BASED COME FACE TO FACE WITH FACTS: Interesting account from CBS about the Romney camp’s realization that the polls were right. Election day evening Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were shocked to discover they really weren’t going to win. No matter what Karl Rove was saying on Fox.

* HE PROBABLY HAD HIS FINGERS CROSSED, BUT STILL ….: This headline from Twitter should be forwarded to Tim Griffin, Tom Cotton, Steve Womack and Rick Crawford. Oh, and tell Mike Ross, too.


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