Where the red river flows: east of UAMS.

  • Where the red river flows: east of UAMS.

That weird red water that’s been flowing in the ditches south of Markham in the Plateau Street area — it’s not blood, though Forbidden Hillcrest has delighted in pretending it to be proof of a zombie outbreak.


The weird water is, however, coming from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The press release from city spokesman Meg Matthews:

The water in Plateau Ditch in the vicinity of UAMS (Pine/Cedar & Markham intersection) is red due to a leak. This color is caused by a dye added to the UAMS hot water circulation system. The dye is not toxic or harmful.

UAMS is trying to find the water leak. Under usual operations, the UAMS water circulation system does not connect into the City of Little Rock’s storm water system.

According to ADEQ, this red dye does not constitute a safety or health hazard.

Thanks to Forbidden Hillcrest for the picture (click to enlarge).