The flailing for understanding continues in the Connecticut school shootings, the new information mostly gruesome specifics about the deaths of children and their families’ loss. The New York Times took an extraordinary approach to displaying the story this morning, a list of victims’ names in white type over a black background.

A random assort of other odds and ends:

* VICTIMS INCLUDE GRANDCHILD OF ARKANSAN: 40/29 reports, citing U.S. Rep. Steve Womack’s Twitter feed, that a Fayetteville man is the grandfather of a six-year-old boy killed Friday.


* REGULATE VOTERS NOT GUNS: Here’s a good list from Huffington Post of things that are harder to accomplish than obtaining weapons of mass murder and packing them into public places. Voting. Buying antihistimines. Taking a dog into a restaurant. Getting a cell phone or a fishing license.

* HUCKSTER CRAWFISHES: Facing a torrent of criticism for blaming Godless schools for the Connecticut slaughter, Mike Huckabee now hastens to say he’s been misunderstood, taken out of context, etc. What outlandish comment was it that Huck did a similar dance on a few weeks ago? It happens so often it’s hard to keep up.