It is open. Hope you have power. Otherwise:

* TRASH TALK: Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore says trash crews WILL pick up excess trash outside the rolling bins for “the duration of this event.” Alas, that word didn’t reach the driver on my route who did make a Saturday pass. Maybe next year (week).


* POWER TALK: The city of Little Rock continues to serve as PR agent for Entergy, which is not nearly so accessible, at least to me. The city’s afternoon report on the power company’s restoration efforts:


The City of Little Rock is providing the following information in response to the recent ice storm. City staff continues to work around the clock to address all of the issue caused by this storm and will continue to do so until the City returns to normal.

Entergy reports that as of 11:00 PM on Friday (12/28), there were about 38,212 meters that still did not have power to them. Energy reports that 100% of electrical circuits should be operational today and their staff will begin to focus on lateral transmission lines. As the lateral transmission lines are repaired, Entergy crews can begin working on individual connections to homes.

Entergy reports that all the damage assessment is complete and crews are also now able to identify isolated problem areas.

Entergy asks that if you do not have power and have not called the 1-900-OUTAGE number, you are encouraged to do so.

Entergy reports that there are a little over 1,000 linemen working in the Little Rock area, being supported by little over 500 utility trucks. In addition to these resources, there are approximately 500 tree and vegetation removal crews working in the area.

Entergy opened a Customer Information Center at 900 Louisiana Street this morning (Saturday, 12/29). Entergy Staff will be on hand to visit with individuals that have been, and continue to be affected by power outages. The center will remain open until the majority of the power is restored to the Little Rock area.

* GUN CONTROL TALK: Wendell Griffen, the circuit judge, pastor and agitator, has a modest proposal for the Arkansas General Assembly to consider — strongly regulate guns, including licensure for all gun owners. It’s modeled on the regulatory scheme for motor vehicles, including required insurance. Here’s the plan.

* HUMAN RIGHTS TALK: T. Nichols Evans, a Methodist minister in Bentonville, has started a petition at move calling on Justice Antonin Scalia to recuse from pending cases on homosexual rights because of his demonstrated bias against homosexuals. Why sure, sign us up. Fat lot of good it will do; Scalia is another one beyond shame.