Public Policy Polling, known as a Democratic organization but generally pretty reliable, has released a poll on a potential race for governor in 2014 between Republican Asa Hutchinson and Democrat Dustin McDaniel, the only announced candidates so far.

Hutchinson 46
McDaniel 33
Not sure 22



Hutchinson 39/30
McDaniel 25/40


Of the sample, 49 percent had heard “a lot” about recent controversy surrounding McDaniel (though the poll didn’t specify it was his admission of an extramarital affair.) Hutchinson’s association with the NRA, as poster child for its push for more guns in school as an antidote to school gun deaths, didn’t help him much.

27 percent said it raised “serious doubts” about Hutchinson
13 percent said “some doubts”
21 percent “minor doubts”
35 percent “no real doubts.”


This is a Republican friendly sample, generally (which may be an accurate picture of the state, God help us.) They trust Republicans in Congress over President Obama 53-35 and favored a Republican over a Democrat as a job creator 43-38.

By identification, 600 respondents to the Jan. 10-13 robopoll identified themselves as Democrats (33 percent); Republicans (31), and independent (36).

Jobs Now, a union-funded think tank, paid for the poll. Union money was a major factor in Bill Halter’s unsuccessful race for U.S. Senate. Halter is expected to seek the Democratic nomination against McDaniel.