A roundup of the morning mail:

* WHO WE GONNA DRUG TEST?: The U.S. attorney’s office announced a guilty plea by a Little Rock medical clinic nurse who’d helped a clinic official illegally obtain hydrocodone (25,000 pills worth over time). Once more: If drug abuse be legislators’ concern, abuses are more likely among those with ready access than among people the legislators want to oppress simply because they have lost their jobs and are seeking legal compensation provided by the unemploment insurance system.

* LAWSUIT AGAINST ARKANSAS TECH: Interesting filing in federal court, a lawsuit by Gidget Pambianchi, challenging her firing as woman’s softball coach at Arkansas Tech. She alleges action was taken against her as retaliation for attempting to fire a male assistant coach who’d harassed a player. She said he filed a sexual harassment complaint against her after she moved to fire him over harassment of a player. She suggests her firing — for alleged lack of control of players (despite worse player misconduct in major male sports that didn’t have fallout for male coaches) — was triggered by Tech President Robert Brown’s discovery she was a lesbian, though her supervisor had known for years she was a lesbian in a committed relationship. The complaint says “Arkansas Tech had a practice and policy of treating men different than women; gay different from straight, with regards to the application of its sexual harassment policy.” Her sex discrimination complaint says male coaches weren’t subjected to the same standards and one university official was not punished despite “his extramarital sexual affair with a subordinate.” The suit says the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had reviewed her complaint and give her clearance to sue.

* SCHOOL SECURITY GUARD ARRESTED: Here’s the LRPD report on the arrest of a Horace Mann Middle School security guard accused of putting his hand in the pants of a 14-year-old student.