I’m outta here. Got to go to North Little Rock, where they’ll be paying tribute to my boss Alan Leveritt tonight.

And that’s all I have to say at the moment, believe it or not. Been working on other stuff, including sifting through the annual Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team nominations, the usual reminder that good things ARE happening in Arkansas schools despite those self-interested sluggards and union hacks that Gordy/Walton/Hussman/Stephens/Murphy/Dillard types in the Billionaire Boys Club love to bash.

I’d sure appreciate an update on the Quorum Court meeting tonight, though it appears Judge Buddy has the vote in line for a speedy approval of his red-white-and-blue Broadway Bridge.


* FROM FAULKNER COUNTY: Log Cabin Democrat reports that the Quorum Court in Faulkner County has chosen Allen Dodson, the county attorney, as interim county judge. A Democrat will succeed Preston Scroggin. CORRECTION: Dodson said he had no party affiliation, though appointed by previous judge, a Democrat. He was chosen over a former Republican candidate for county office.


* REMOVE YOUR HAT, PLACE HAND OVER HEART AND FACE THE BROADWAY BRIDGE: The Pulaski Quorum Court gave Judge Buddy Villines the 10 votes he needed, against 5 nays, to devote $20 million in road and bridge money to add some design work to the replacement Broadway Bridge. And, he vows, festoon it with distracting twinkling lights and a red-white-and-blue color scheme that will have people driving from all over the country to see it. No confirmation that the county is planning a Velvet Elvis and Concrete Yard Donkey Gallery at the foot of the new span as a revenue producer. One Republican, Bob Johnson, joined the Democrats to give Buddy’s Bridge the go-ahead.