Mailbag notes:

* TOM COTTON SHAKES HIS FIST AT NORTH KOREA: What’s a North Korean nuclear test got to do with the 4th District of Arkansas. It’s represented by U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, fair-haired boy of the neo-con establishment and the Club for Growth, who’s being groomed to run against U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor. Tough defense talk will be part of his strategy, this a call for tough sanction and other stuff. Kim is shaking in his mukluks now. Said Cotton, in addition to calling for the ever-popular tough sanctions:


… the threats posed by a nuclear North Korea highlight the urgent need to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear-weapons capability. Iran already exports murder around the world, props up illegitimate regimes such as Bashir al-Assad in Syria, and sponsors terrorist organizations such as Hizballah and Hamas. Imagine what Iran would do acting under the umbrella of a nuclear deterrent. The United States already faces in North Korea one outlaw regime with nuclear weapons; we cannot allow a second outlaw regime to join them.

These guys really want to go to war. Can a Dick Cheney visit to the 4th District for a little hunting be far behind?

* FOREST HILLS RESIDENTS SHAKE FIST AT TECH PARK BOARD: Tonight’s the night for yet another discussion by the LIttle Rock Technology Park Authority on where to put the taxpayer-financed spec office building. Chairman Mary Good and Tech Park godfather Dickson Flake don’t like any of the finalists sites. They’ve clearly favored the Forest Hills neighborhood along I-630 across from UAMS from the start. Some in the neighborhood say they might sell, though not at the point of a condemnation proceeding. This letter is from a group that vows to figh, with a lawsuit if necessary. The release:


Today the We Shall Not Be Moved coalition released a letter from coalition members living in the three residential sites that are being considered for the Little Rock Technology Park. The letter is in response to one sent last week to the Technology Park Authority by property owners living north of 12th Street. The letter is being distributed through the mail and door to door.

The letter follows on the jump: