The Arkansas Democratic Party ripped U.S. Reps. Rick Crawford, Tom Cotton and Tiny Tim Griffin for leaving Washington — for a “personal spring break” — rather than deal with the cuts coming through the budget sequester.

The news release has a lengthy run down of the cuts on numerous federal programs and the Arkansas-specific impact. A taste of the release:


“If Republicans like Congressman Crawford, Griffin and Cotton have their way and go through with their manufactured crisis, they will be slashing vital programs like Medicare and Head Start which thousands of Arkansas seniors and middle class families rely on,” said Madeline Marquette, a senior and retired teacher from the Fort Smith area. “It’s increasingly clear that Republicans are willing to deliver a self-inflicted wound to our economy in order to appease the most extremist elements in their party — and Congressman Crawford, Griffin and Cotton’s refusal to get to work for the people of Arkansas shows that they’ve become part of the broken, dysfunctional politics of Washington.”

Tiny Tim has been working hard. His Twitter account is full of photos from motocross races he attended in Dallas Sunday.