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*MORE PUB FOR JASON RAPERT: Gawker, via the Digg Tumblr, tweaks Sen. Jason Rapert’s for his Twitter background. To be fair, getting Sen. Rape to show up requires just the right browser window size. The larger the browser window the more the background displays.

*DAVY CARTER LIKES GUNS: House Speaker Davy Carter said earlier in the week he opposes to a bill that would allow open carry of handguns in Arkansas. At his press avail today, the Speaker responded to further questions on the topic:


Look, I’m a Lee county guy that grew up hunting and fishing, and I’ve got a chain in the back of my truck, and I had a concealed carry permit… To suggest that I’m some kind anti-Second Amendment legislator is just absurd. I commented about the open carry question. I haven’t read the bill. Initially my thoughts went to what I said. Y’all ask me stuff every day when people file bills. Good, bad, or indifferent I always tell you what I think. That’s just part of it. That bill will go through the process…. I’m one of a hundred members here, we’ll see what the membership wants to do on it. That doesn’t bother me. People in this state want somebody to tell them what they think regardless of all this party stuff. I’m going to tell you what I think. if it makes Democrats mad or Republicans mad, I don’t care. People in the state deserve better.

*NO PODCAST: Feel bad welching on my promise last week to soldier on uninterrupted without Max, but I was mostly alone in the office this afternoon. Hearing me interview myself wouldn’t have been any fun. We’ll try to return next week.

*GITZ TAKEDOWN: Props to Evin Demirel at Sporting Life Arkansas for granting my unexpressed wish that someone would offer a rejoinder to Bradley Gitz’s even-more-retrogade-than-usual column on Monday in the D-G on the sissification of football. Yup, only “girly-men” are concerned about the longterm effects of concussions suffered during football.