Bruner Hous, at 1415 Cantrell Road

  • Bruner Hous, at 1415 Cantrell Road

Southern Accents, the salvage company that is dismantling two historic houses on Cantrell Road that will be demolished, has published an article in its newsletter titled “Salvage Adventure in Arkansas.” See more photos here. The article says the homes are being taken down to make room for a private school and describes some of the items rescued from the house.


This week we traveled to Arkansas for a salvage project involving two 1890 Victorian houses. These beautiful old houses have been sitting on private property that was recently sold. Both houses are scheduled to be taken down to make room for a private school. When contacted about our interest in the structures, we were thrilled to come to the rescue of the beautiful architectural pieces contained within. This is one of our largest salvage projects to date and several trips will be required to complete this project.

Phase I saw us returning with beautiful solid wood paneled doors, carved fireplace mantels, Eastlake Victorian cast brass door hardware, antique lighting, fencing, gorgeous fireplace tile sets, claw foot tubs and much more. Some of the large architectural pieces have already pre sold to interested buyers on site. We will be posting all available pieces to our website and Facebook account as soon as we are able to unload, process and picture each item.

Episcopal Collegiate’s head of school says he has no knowledge the land will be used for expansion of the Jackson T. Stephens Campus, though the houses being torn down are owned by Warren Stephens. Steven Hickman sent out a letter to parents this week about the reporting on the tear-downs:

Dear Episcopal Collegiate School Community,

You may have read with interest an article this morning in the Democrat-Gazette regarding two properties near the Episcopal Collegiate School campus. I am out of town representing Episcopal at the annual National Association of Independent School Conference in Philadelphia and I was not aware of the reporter attempting to contact
me to discuss this. Regarding this matter, the school does not own these properties. In addition, the school does not know of any plans for these properties.

Considering the condition of the school’s property prior to the building of its campus, we believe strongly that the addition of the Episcopal Collegiate School campus has been very positive for the Little Rock community. We appreciate greatly the support of the families who have made this possible.


Steve Hickman

Surely the Stephens family isn’t thinking of building another school on the property.