The future of Arkansas women, Rapert-style.

  • The future of Arkansas women, Rapert-style.

Sen. Jason “fetuses are the key to my political success” Rapert tweeted to Amy Bradley-Hole the following:



Got that? Unless you agree with Rapert, God’s anointed, you are no Christian. KATV found this tweet so obnoxious that it re-tweeted it to get reader opinion.


Rapert’s 12-week abortion ban uses the movement of heart tissue, rather than other differentiating cells, because you can hear them. These cells aren’t pumping blood but they do beat, and Rapert, who apparently hears God in a way the rest of us aren’t Christian enough to hear, says that talks louder than a woman’s right to life and liberty.

We’ll be wearing veils in a few years if Rapert-style governing takes hold. Time to go into the burka business. And coathanger manufacturing.