Grover Norquist rat head image

  • Norquist: “You must do my bidding, little Arkansans.”

We mentioned yesterday that Grover Norquist is giving Arkansas Republicans permission to vote for dinky tax increases even though normally voting for a tax increase will turn you in to a severed rat head floating in a bottle of Coke. Thought folks might be interested to see the full letter — see here. It even frets about the order of when the bills come up!


My take on this remains that unless you’re a character in one of my wife’s fantasy novels, you probably shouldn’t be signing pledges and awaiting the rulings of oracles about whether you’ve violated your duty. Particularly oracles that sign their letters with “Onward.” You should probably just think for yourself.

Or if you’re going to get all fantasy-novel and sign a pledge, go all out and sign it in blood. The blood of a Coke-drenched rat.