Little Rock Technology Park Authority Board member Jay Chesshir has sent to all members of the board, their consultant, Charles Dilks, and realtors Jim Hathaway and Hank Kelley an email titled “Questions from the Board” regarding the fourth alternative suggested last week by Dilks et al. That alternative would put the technology park, which will be partially financed with tax dollars, on two sites, property where Sears is located on University north of Interstate 630 and property at 12th and University, south of I-630.


I have asked Chesshir whose questions they are, given that they appear to be both to and from the board. It’s possible they are his and he is sharing them with the board, etc.; it was batted about at the last board meeting that members should put together their questions quickly for a special meeting that has not yet been set. I’ve asked and will update when I get the answer. UPDATE: Chesshir says the questions are a compilation of all members’ questions.

They are certainly excellent questions, no matter whose they are. Here they are, with the title.


To the Board and Mr. Dilks

1. Are we forgoing the need, that has repeatedly been recommended, for 30 acres?
2. Who is paying the expense for the architect Mr. Dilks referred to regarding these sites?
3. Given the desire to create a campus like setting with easy pedestrian access, how will splitting the campus in two with a six lane freeway and cloverleaf allow us to accomplish this?
4. Extensive renovations can sometimes be more expensive than new construction. Won’t there need to be significant changes made to the interior of the building to accommodate the facility?
5. How will parking work on a 12 acre site? Will it require a lot of structured parking?

Hank Kelley

1. Do you have or can you obtain digital plans of the Brandon House building?
2. Are there any previous environmental reports for the Brandon House building, and, if so, can you access them?
3. Provide financial information on the Brandon House site and the architectural drawings for rehab he referred to in his presentation (if possible).

Jim Hathaway

1. Are there any previous environmental reports for the Sears department store or TBA buildings? If so, may we obtain a copy?
2. Have Mr. Hathaway provide a timeline of potential development of the two sites within the constraints of the Sears lease. Also have him provide “ball park” financials.
3. Have Mr. Hathaway check with the owners of the Doctors Building to assess whether this property will be available at some date and is there potential to cooperate with the new orthopedic center on a parking structure.