The gun nuts are spoiling to go after U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor. No surprise. The gun nuts and Republicans have become one. Alice Stewart had me on her new radio show this week and the conversation was dominated by guns and how they might affect the race for U.S. Senate.

But who knew, though the talking points are already coming out of the central National Rifle/Republican Association factory to reverberators like Stewart, that the politicking would go so ugly so fast.


An aide from Pryor’s office called the Times this afternoon to say they’re getting reports that someone in NW Arkansas is calling people’s homes and saying “I work for Mark Pryor, how many guns do you have in your home?”

Turn on a recorder and check the calling number origin if you get one of these calls. It’s fraud. I was happy to notice from Pryor’s afternoon Twitter feed (above) that he’s reacting aggressively. Many photos of him in camo with dead critters slung over his shoulder shouldn’t be far behind. Not that I mean to make light. This is slimy stuff from a slimy crowd. And only a small beginning of what’s to come.