THE VIEW FROM IT: UAMS Vice Chancellor David Miller on health combine.

  • THE VIEW FROM IT: UAMS Vice Chancellor David Miller on health combine.

Leslie Newell Peacock’s continued probing behind the scenes of work on a potential combination of UAMS and St. Vincent Infirmary continues to turn up cautionary remarks within UAMS.


The latest is a memo from David Miller, vice chancellor and chief information officer at UAMS, giving IT employees his assessment of talks to date on a combination of many services of the two institutions.

Key points:


1) The combine would be a “joint venture,” with a separate governing board comprising equal representation from UAMS and St. Vincent, but “no scenario that is currently under consideration” calls for any part of UAMS to come under the management of St. Vincent or its parent Catholic Health Initiatives. (Editor’s note: Yes, but, the third party governing body would be half St. Vincent representatives, which surely counts for some influence.)

2) “No one within UAMS has been able to re-create the opportunity numbers in the Deloitte report.” Leslie will do more reporting on this reference to a consultant’s study on the potential benefit of a combination. When that report was released UAMS Chancellor Dan Rahn said it suggests “real financial opportunities” in the form of savings between $38 and $63 million.


3) Miller saw “little to no value” to UAMS in using Catholic Health Initiative’s health information exchange. He said UAMS has a better program for statewide information exchange and has no need to spend still more money to move to the Catholic system.

4) Other information in the Deloitte report relating to IT “cannot be justified or calculated based on any information that we have …”

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