ASA HUTCHINSON: Shown releasing NRA report.

  • ASA HUTCHINSON: Shown releasing NRA report.

The National Rifle Association, with Arkansas Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson as front man for the gun lobby, has a Washington news conference at 10 a.m. to announce their suggestion for response to recent gun violence in school.


Is there a gun issue for which the NRA solution is not more guns and less regulation of same? Today, it will undoubtedly begin with armed guards in every school.

UPDATE: Hutchinson has begun his presentation. Early on, he mentioned a recommendation was coming for armed guards. But he also mentions door security, perimeter fencing, information management and so forth as elements of concern. It sounds a bit like applying the TSA model of airport security to school security. Expensive, in other words. It includes changes in state and federal law. Recommendations include:


* Training program for school “resource” officers and for armed guards.

* NRA on-line “assessment tool” for schools on safety issues.


* Have state law include a safety and security plan as part of state adequacy standards.

* Federal funding and coordination for school safety.

* Address mental health through various means.

The full report, if you can stomach it.


Hutchinson said an earlier recommendation about using volunteers for security had been dropped because of school official objections. Now, the proposal emphasizes they should be school staff. He said an armed presence is not enough, however, without access control and adequate concern about mental health issues.

Talking Points Memo saw the show today as a way for the NRA to distract attention from efforts to pass universal background check requirements in Congress.

RELATED: U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor appeared on Alice Stewart’s radio show this morning and demonstrated just how low he plans to go to win re-election. He indicated reservations about expanding background checks to gun show sales and touted his support of a proposal that would, effectively, make it easier for people who’ve had mental problems to buy firearms. Think Progress reports.