LEAVES JOB: Mike Ross.

Roby Brock at Talk Business reports that Mike Ross, the former congressman recently turned lobbyist-in-waiting for the Southwest Power Pool, has resigned from his government affairs job to pursue public service.

Ross doesn’t comment further, but it’s a huge indicator that Ross is indeed moving to run for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2014. Bill Halter is already in that race. Asa Hutchinson and Curtis Coleman have announced on the Republican side. When it looked like Dustin McDaniel had an early jump on fund-raising for the race, Ross had said he wouldn’t run. But then McDaniel dropped out following unpleasant disclosures about an extramarital affair with a Hot Springs lawyer.

PS — I’m presuming Ross would run as a Democrat. Though he certainly couldn’t be expected to govern like one, based on his anti-union, anti-woman, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-health care record.