John Brummett persists in putting his most liberal columns behind a Wednesday pay wall at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. It’s my suspicion the relatively small on-line readership of the Democrat-Gazette trends in the more enlightened direction and that he’s preaching mostly to the choir there. The broader readership could use a bit more of the progressive religion than it gets from the rest of the op-ed stable seven days a week.


Nonetheless, there he goes again today. It’s nothing less than an endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, after three decades of personal aversion to someone he labels “Iron Lady 2.0.” His aversion dates back to her strong role in managing candidate/governor Bill Clinton back in the early 1980s. He writes in part:

I am more than ready for a Hillary Clinton presidency to take the nation on its next and essential step toward the full equality of women.

And I am more than ready for her global leadership to take the world on its next and essential step to the rescue of women from bondage and inhumanity.

… It has been enlightening to behold the anger and despair of many women in Arkansas over legislation that tries to take them back by decades. New and constitutionally dubious laws have made them prisoners of time travelers from the 1950s who harbor narrow religious views that women exist as reproductive receptacles without say over their own bodies.

In Arkansas, women need Democratic control of at least one house of the legislature, he writes, to regain lost ground. But globally, Clinton’s election would “revive and expedite the evolutionary process toward full and equal female empowerment.”


Well then.

There’s more behind the pay wall if you have the key.


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