State agencies, Exxon and EPA together for update on #mayflow... on Twitpic

News conference this morning. Fox 16’s first summary says that some of the people forced out of their homes by the deluge of heavy Canadian tar sands from the ruptured Exxon Mobil Pegasus pipeline could return home today.


But. Do they want to do so? Interest is not high at the moment, according to Channel 4 newswoman Jessica Dean’s Twitter report from the news conference.

Other news points:


* Exxon is still removing oil from the pipeline, which ran for 18 miles between cutoff points on the stretch that exploded from a 22-foot rupture in a Mayflower subdivision.

* Exxon is is still working on home values. Purchase of the homes is a possibility.


* The EPA reports it’s satisfied with Exxon’s response in the cleanup, but says wetlands remain a concern.

* Jessica Dean reports that a question related to the pipeline’s crossing of the Lake Maumelle watershed and impact on Central Arkansas Water was turned away. The person in charge of the news conference — Patrick McGinn, an Exxon spokesperson — said questions would be limited to recovery efforts.


UPDATE: The Duncan Law Firm, which is representing plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit over damage from the pipeline rupture, has posted photos from the break scene on its Facebook page, including closeups of the 22-foot split.


  • Duncan Law Firm

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