A slow weekend was enlivened by 1) Benton County Republican Chris Nogy’s advocacy, in a letter posted on Facebook, of using guns to make a point with legislators who voted for Obamacare and 2) a comment on Twitter by someone else about a desire to shoot House Speaker Davy Carter.

We reported on these episodes earlier today. The State Police took a look, including interviews with the social media savants who made the remarks. The agency, without saying so directly, apparently is marking it down to stupidity. Its statement:

Over the past three-days Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division were made aware of emails and social media activity containing threatening remarks directed at two members of the Arkansas General Assembly.

After making contact with the individuals who may have written and transmitted the comments; the State Police has not developed any evidence that would substantiate a criminal investigation being opened.

State Police have also been in contact with the state representatives who were the subjects of the comments and at this time there is no reason to believe their safety is presently compromised.

I’d note that the Twitter account that made the remark about Davy Carter posted this at mid-afternoon:

seanonymous ‏@seanonymous 2h
@ArkansasBlog The one time I get something wrong on twitter and someone has to go and blog about it.

That could be a suggestion that his original comment about Carter was not meant as it appeared. I’ve asked him to elaborate. State Police have talked to the man who they believe made the post and don’t believe he constitutes a threat. He lives in California. It’s possible his unhappiness relates to Carter’s support of the Republican faction that backed Obamacare in Arkansas, as opposed to a position on gun measures.


UPDATE: Others say they’ve learned the California Twitterer actually meant to direct an angry remark at Rep. Nate Bell for his pro-gun Tweet in the midst of the Boston bombing manhunt.

PS — Northwest Arkansas newspaperman Doug Thompson Twitters that Nogy and his wife, who published his letter in the Benton County Republican newsletter, have resigned from the committee.