SMART KIDS: The Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team.

  • Brian Chilson
  • SMART KIDS: The Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team.

Just back from the UALR reception for members of the Academic All-Stars Team. 19 of the 20 were there, lacking only a Fayetteville student at Princeton today. Good things happening in Arkansas schools. Smart kids with amazing energy doing amazing things with proud parents who were happy to attend a celebration that didn’t glorify punting, passing, kicking, dribbling, etc.


So, with that, the line is open for a second time tonight. Some other items:



* THE BIG OOZEY: Caught a great report driving home on NPR about the perils of shipment of heavy Canadian crude, aka tar sands, through pipelines across the USA. The focus was on cleanup in Michigan and other concerns. But it is, of course, relevant in Mayflower, Ark.

And speaking of Mayflower, the social media is bubbling: Some health concerns here. And some more, right here. And if you’ve a mind to protest and run the gauntlet of local cops hired by Exxon to keep the peace, this is the page for you. Or you could just call Rep. Tim “Pipeline” Griffin and he could tell you that pipelines are safe and you have nothing to fear but fear of good health itself.


APPROPRIATE FENCING: Historic nature preserved at Hornibrook House.

  • APPROPRIATE FENCING: Historic character of neighborhood preserved by fence at Hornibrook House.

* 40-INCH FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS: As I mentioned previously, the Capitol Zoning District Commission is having a public hearing this evening on whether the 40-inch limit on fences should be raised to 48 inches, a question that became a legislative issue for various reasons. Here’s the detailed report on the issue by CZDC staff and the bottom line recommendation that the limit should remain in place, with the existing possibility for waivers.