LAUGHS ON PRYOR: On Letterman show.

  • LAUGH’S ON PRYOR: On Letterman show.

As several have noted, David Letterman made Mark Pryor his stooge of the night last night for his vote with the NRA to defeat legislation to expand gun purchase background checks to gun shows.


Hey, Alan, what time is it?

ALAN: “It’s time for ‘Stooge of the Night!’ Tonight’s stooge of the night is Democratic Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas.”
We stay on a photo of Senator Mark Pryor.

DAVE: “Senator Mark Pryor voted ‘NO’ on gun reform legislation even though as a state legislator in Arkansas he authored four gun control bills that included background checks.

‘Hi, please call me ‘Mark.’ What can I do to put you in a LeSabre?’

It’s Mark Pryor, and he is our Stooge of the Night.

So what do you think? The conventional wisdom in the Arkansas legislature and among the gun nut class is that you may not support a single measure, no matter how innocuous, that might require even a bit of paperwork from a gun lover. So wouldn’t it be solid gold for Mark Pryor to vote down the line with the NRA? Or what if the polls are right? That a solid majority favor universal background checks? That Mark Pryor’s position is a discentive for voters? (Forgetting, of course, that the only other likely viable candidate is even nuttier on guns.) That being labeled a “stooge” on a leading national TV show is not a good thing? Tom Cotton would proudly claim the label, presumably.

And speaking of guns, this was a bangup segment on the subject on the Daily Show, about how conservative politicians in wild and woolly Australia passed tough gun control legislation following a massacre and lived politically to talk about it.

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