The ExxonMobil pipeline break that drenched a Mayflower subdivision with tens of thousands of gallons of tar sand-like heavy crude from Canada continues to stir media.


From environmental groups:

Starting today, consumer watchdog organization, SumOfUs.org, in partnership with Oil Change International and Environmental Action will be placing ads in the DC metro system exposing images from the ExxonMobil tar sands pipeline spill last month in Arkansas that devastated the suburban town of Mayflower. The ads will run for one month at the Foggy Bottom metro station while the State Department considers revising its draft environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline, after over one million comments opposing construction of the pipeline were submitted.

Photos here, include the one shown at top.


* I mentioned earlier this local event this afternoon (somehow, I don’t think this has Rep. Griffin’s seal of approval, given his friendliness to the oil industry, but … ):

On the one month anniversary of a devastating pipeline rupture that sent tar sands spewing through a residential neighborhood, residents of Mayflower, Arkansas are launching a new “Remember Mayflower, Arkansas” effort with a press conference call at 1pm CT/2pm CT to raise awareness of the spill and to tell elected officials to stand with Congressman Griffin in saying that tar sands oil and water don’t mix.

The coalition—composed of local families and leaders—will release new poll findings about tar sands pipelines and unveil a new ad.

Their message to local elected officials and those along the pipeline route: tar sands oil and water don’t mix.

WHO: Mayflower residents Emily Lane, Emily Harris, and Ryan Senia, local organizer JP Strother and other Mayflower families
WHAT: “Remember Mayflower, Arkansas” launch press call
WHEN: TODAY, April 29 at 1pm CT/2pm ET

CORRECTION: Ryan Senia said he did not participate in the event and was not associated with the organization, despite what the news release said.


UPDATE: That poll, by PPP Polling, shows that 60 percent of those surveyed think tar sands should be kept away from water supplies. Also, another one-month anniversary by the Sierra Club and others in the Stand With Mayflower coalition is scheduled for 6 p.m. today at Pearce Park in Mayflower, also a rally against the Keyston XL Pipeline.

* Speaking of Tim “Pipeline” Griffin, he’s got oil his mind, too. From his latest newsletter:

On April 21, I visited Mayflower again. I was accompanied by Congressman Bill Shuster, Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. We spoke with officials at Unified Command about the oil spill cleanup and what can be done to minimize risks in the future.

He’s still a pipeline advocate, but says he does think it might be a good thing to move the Pegasus pipeline out of the Lake Maumelle watershed, given the steep terrain that drains right into a bowl full of currently clean water that serves a half-million people.


  • CLEANUP CONTINUES: In Mayflower.

* Then there’s the latest from the Mayflower Unified Command, in theory a cooperative effort of authorities and Exxon, but, for PR purposes, Exxon-run. (The Unified Command distributed the photo above.) The latest news release says residents of the oil-fouled neighborhood should be soon able to move back home (if they don’t want to sell them to Exxon) and that air and water samples continue to look clean. The release in full follows a report from David Koon on the afternoon conference call: