The line is open. Final thoughts:

* BOMBER GETS LIFE IN RESENTENCING: Randeep Mann, the doctor convicted of conspiring to bomb the chair of the state Medical Board, was re-sentenced today in federal court. He got a life sentence, plus five years. He’d received a similar sentence previously, but won a new sentencing hearing because a federal appeals court said an allegation that he’d assaulted an inmate shouldn’t have been a factor in the original sentencing.


* PERENNIAL CAMPAIGNER: Former state Rep. Bobby Tullis has talked about entering many a political race and even entered some since his days in the legislature. Latest from Tullis, of Mineral Springs: “I am considering entering the Democratic primary race for U.S. senator. I am offended by the senator’s [Mark Pryor’s] vote on background checks.”

* OLD SOUTH, PART II: An update on the closure of the venerable Old South restaurant in Russellville. More from the River Valley Leader, on a yard sale by staff in hopes of raising money necessary to pay off state sales tax arrearages and perhaps reopen the restaurant.


* ‘WALTON NIGHTMARE’: That’s the description of a news item from a friend about a vote by UNO charter school teachers in Chicago to join the American Federation of Teachers, aka a union.

* I STOPPED LOVING HIM TODAY: The lineup of speakers and performers scheduled for George Jones’ funeral includes Laura Bush and Mike Huckabee. Can The Huckster figure out a way to make money off this, as he does for most news events with daily blast e-mails? i.e., Mad about Obama? Send HuckPAC money. Mad about guns? Send HuckPAC money. Sorry about George Jones? …..


* PARANOIA STRIKES DEEP: YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION?: A new poll says 29 percent of Americans think an armed rebellion might be necessary in the next few years to preserve liberties.

* #WTF? The NCAA in its wisdom has reportedly banned hashtags on football fields, such as this one circulated on Twitter.