Well, I’ve made it as far as Dallas. I’m going to take advantage quickly of a dying battery to begin the open line. Otherwise:

* HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: I got a nice note from a Republican Twitter foe who doesn’t agree with much I have to say. He sent compliments about things I’ve said in the past about my mother. Hard to imagine that creatures like myself have mothers, I guess. I mentioned to him, as I have here before, that I not only had a mother, I had a Republican mother. Loved her anyway. She was a cloth coat-child-of-the-Depression-keep-the-government’s-hands-off-my-money Republican, not a social issue Republican. An Eisenhower Republican, I’d guess you’d say. She got some government help herself, but figured she earned it with a stint of WW II Army service. She had a broad world view, too, and was sympathetic to the poor and struggling, having been there. She was a smart, complicated, hard-working woman who thought, among others, that there was never a good reason not to be two hours early to the airport.

And for more Mother’s Day news, we turn to New Orleans where a Mother’s Day second line parade turned into a shootout that left perhaps 12 wounded. Sounds like an Ernie K Doe song in progress.