Drilling, off the Tech Park board.

  • Drilling, off the Tech Park board.

Edward Drilling, the president of AT&T Arkansas and the nominee of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to the board of the Little Rock Technology Park Authority, has resigned from the board.


The notice comes by way of the release of the following memo from Dr. Mary Good, chairman of the board, to UAMS:

As you are aware, Mr. Drilling has resigned from the Tech Park Board because of expanded responsibilities in his position at AT&T. We are sorry to lose him from the Board because he brought insight and dedication to the concept of the Technology Park for Central Arkansas. His term ends as of December 31, 2015. He was one of the UAMS representatives appointed by your office so it will be necessary for you to nominate someone to complete his term of service.

We look forward to your new nominee.

The memo is undated, so it’s hard to know when Drilling resigned and Dr. Good sent the note. I have a question in to board member Jay Chessir, who shared the memo, when he was informed of Drilling’s resignation. UPDATE: Chessir learned of Drilling’s resignation via the memo this morning.


Drilling was thought to be a vote for the downtown site suggested to the board as a location for the park. At the last meeting, which was not attended by Drilling, several members of the board made it known that they aren’t happy with any of the three formally proposed sites, alternatives to original proposals that would have placed the park in one of three neighborhoods south of UAMS from Interstate 630 and north of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The other two are at the intersection of Asher and University and on John Barrow Road. A fourth proposal, made by park consultant Charles Dilks after private conversations with realtors that includes the Sears property and the old Brandon House furniture building on University, hasn’t gotten much traction either.