Ron Fuller, a Little Rock lobbyist and former Republican legislator, is resigning June 1 from the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board after 16 years as an appointee of both a Republican and a Democratic governor. He supported Mike Beebe.


Fuller drew heat on occasion for being part of an ABC vanguard that oversaw a dramatic expansion of “private club” permits in previously dry counties at establishments that look for all the world like conventional restaurants with booze.

I have left a message for Fuller. I’m curious if his lobbying business might expand into the beverage realm. The recent death of Andy Crawford means there’s an opening for a representative for retail liquor stores.


UPDATE: I reached Fuller by phone. He brought up Crawford himself. He said he had no specific plans on the horizon, but said Crawford’s son, Drew, had planned to pick up some of his father’s work. “I told Drew I wold be glad to act as his wingman and give him non-paid advice. I can’t give good advice and be a regulator,” he said. But he also said he thought the time had come for him to step aside and that he thought the alcoholic beverage business had made positive strides during his tenure.

On political matters, Fuller said he wasn’t ready to commit generally on where he’d stand in the 2014 gubernatorial race but he certainly supported Asa Hutchinson in the Republican primary.