The line is open. Final thoughts:

* SCHOOL LEADER NAMED: Tom Kimbrell, the state Education director, has named Curtis Turner, superintendent at Eureka Springs, to take over leadership of the Mineral Springs School District. The state took control of the district yesterday because of fiscal woes. Turner has a long resume of school work, including in the fiscal distress unit of the state department.

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* POLITICAL RUMOR: Stephen Smith of Fayetteville says he’s been encouraged to make a run for state House of Representatives in 2014 for the seat currently held by Rep. Greg Leding. Heh. Smith was one of the rabble-rousing advisors to Bill Clinton during his first term as governor, a former state legislator with a record of some provocations, a UA prof and union rep, husband of former Fayetteville legislator Lindsley Smith and generally not exactly recalcitrant. Heh.


* DECONSTRUCTING TOM COTTON: Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Club for Growth) is right proud of the speech he gave on the floor of the House in support of the 37th or 99th vote by Republicans to repeal Obamacare (that very odious program that Arkansas Republicans just embraced for its money and benefits to Arkies.) It was a bravura performance in fundamental dishonesty, in that he seemd to want to paint the Democrats as Medicare cutters when he’s on the fringe of the Paul Ryan Nutpack that would devastate the country’s social safety net.

His performance was so galling to one supporter of Obamacare and of the man Cotton seems poised to attack in 2014, Sen. Mark Pryor, that he provided a line-by-line critique of Cotton’s remarks. Recommended: