A replacement for resigned Treasurer Martha Shoffner?

In the “next several days,” Gov. Mike Beebe told reporters today. The appointee will serve out her term through 2014 and cannot run for the office. Though a sterling performance by the appointee could qualify that person for consideration for another office, Beebe has indicated he was leaning away from a politically oriented choice.

Here’s a name to add to the mix of speculation:

Bunny Adcock. He’s a Conway banker, a Beebe appointee to the UCA Board of Trustees and, for good bipartisan measure, served in the administration of Republican Gov. Frank White way back when. (And, Roby Brock notes, bank commissioner under Mike Huckabee.)

UPDATE: Since a reader raised the question — The majority of political party associations among the seven constitutional officers — currently 4-3 Democratic — determines the majority of appointees on county election commissions. Whomever Mike Beebe appoints won’t affect that math, even if the appointee happens to be someone who is a declared Republican.

The governor’s office says the Constitution statutes provide that the identification of majority is tied to the last general election. Appointments to vacancies don’t change the ratio.