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*MAYOR RAISE DECISION DELAYED: The Little Rock Board of Directors yesterday postponed the decision on whether to give Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola a raise of almost $20,000. The board will take up the question again in a month. The City Attorney has stated that the raise is necessary to be in compliance with state law.


*POLITICS AT THE HIGHER ED LOBBY: Great reporting in this morning’s paper (paywall) on the bizarre story of the president of Northwest Arkansas Community College, Becky Paneitz, objecting to the hiring of Bill Stovall to lead the state’s Association of Two Year Colleges because Stovall is a “strong Democrat.” Stovall is the former Speaker of the House and currently serves as House Chief Operating Officer. Paneitz wrote to the presidents and chancellors that she had “reservations about hiring a former legislator as the CEO, particularly one who is a Democrat, when there is a good likelihood that the state will become more Republican in the coming years” and speculated that putting the Democrat in charge could have a “devastating impact on any success the organization could have from a funding and policy perspective.”

*HOBBS! Okay, I know it’s early, but is this really the Facebook page for Debra Hobbs’ gubernatorial campaign? She needs some friends!