Roby Brock catches up with former Senator Blanche Lincoln on the lobbying life. If Sen. Mark Pryor goes down as Lincoln did, it will of course be very bad news for progressive causes in the Senate (even an unreliable vote on the Democratic side is immeasurably better than the alternative in Arkansas). But shed no tears for Pryor himself. If he loses his gig, riches await.

Brock asked Lincoln about Pryor’s chances of political survival. Lincoln said that she thought that Pryor had “good chances for re-election” and touted Pryor’s consensus building. On comparisons with her landslide loss in 2010:

It’s not a totally different environment. There are some similarities… I’m always a believer — and a dedicated Democrat — that our Democratic Party will be united in the primary and we’ll see Sen. Pryor getting through that…and the Democrats will be unified in going to the polls in November.

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to interpret why Lincoln’s response zeroed in on being “united in the primary” given that Pryor faces no primary challenge.