Grace Mikell Ramseys wearable art image

  • Grace Mikell Ramsey’s wearable art

*HOW ‘BOUT A LITTLE NEPOTISM? The picture above comes from Bourbon and Boots, the Little Rock-based storefront cum lifestyle web magazine. It’s an interesting model. Maybe the Times should start hawking stuff? Max’s homemade pickles? Handmade steampunk garb from David Koon? Alan Leveritt’s heirloom tomatoes? Any takers?


But to the nepotism part: Those bird pendants were painted by David Ramsey’s wife, Grace Mikell Ramsey. She does earrings and broaches, too. She’s really good.

*THE COACH’S WIFE: Jen Bielema, wife of Razorback football coach Bret Bielema, is not scared of social media.


*COME HAVE DINNER WITH US: Speaking of business models, as you’ve probably gathered, throwing events has become an increasingly big part of ours. Next up, a more intimate gathering: A farm to table dinner on Saturday, June 29, at the Scott Plantation with Country Club of Little Rock Chef Brian Kearns, the winner of our Heritage Hog Roast. Check out the menu here.