Little Rock School Board member Dianne Curry, who is running for lieutenant governor, said that current Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr was “using the misery of the people, the residents of Mayflower, Arkansas, to garner feel good press.” Darr made comments, reported by KUAR, that “as far as the clean-up goes it looks like that’s been pretty well taken care of” and “they’ve kind of made this area even better than it was before.”

“It’s shameful, it’s wrong, and it’s what is wrong with politics,” Curry said. Her press release is after the jump.


*Reading Curry’s release, a point of clarification: the image of Mark Darr used in the post earlier today is a file photo. I didn’t choose it, but I apologize if it caused confusion: none of the folks in the picture were with Darr when he made his Mayflower comments.