Hudson Hallum image

Fox16 reports that former Democratic legislator Hudson Hallum was sentenced today in federal court to one year home detention and three years probation. Hallum was also given a $20,000 fine and 100 hours of community service. His father, Kent Hallum, also got a probationary sentence with nine months of home confinement.


Hallum pleaded guilty last September to felony conspiracy to commit election fraud, resigning his seat on the day of his plea. He and others sentenced earlier worked out a scheme to buy bundled absentee votes with the likes of chicken dinners and vodka.

He apologized for his actions at the sentencing.


The U.S. attorney’s news release on the case follows. The Republican Party has been crowing about the sentencing and describing it as a vote fraud case, suggesting it is the sort of thing targeted by the Voter ID law. It is not. The absentee vote buying didn’t involve fraudulent IDs.