• PROFILED: Hog coach Bret Bielema.

It’s almost football season isn’t it? Hope springs eternal, doesn’t it?


Good time for Grantland to spring a gigundo long-form profile on Razorback football coach Bret Bielema.

Takeaways from a warm review of his style and fit with Arkansas:


1) Wisconsin’s failure to give him the money to hire and keep assistant coaches was the critical factor in his decision to move to Arkansas.

2) He’s given to employing words for emphasis that might not sit well with the Family Council. The piece’s closure:


On the last day of August, Arkansas will kick off against Louisiana-Lafayette, and Bielema will step to the sideline for the first time in this new conference. Hog calls will echo above and around him. The stadium will rumble with Week 1’s blind optimism. The temperature will be warmer, the athletes faster, and the expectations higher. There will be more tailgaters, sundresses, and reporters. For now, on this practice field, every rep is geared toward preparing for that moment, when Bielema will begin to answer the question of just what the hell he’s doing down here.

“Shit just got ratcheted up,” he says to his players. He’s still talking about the red zone, but the subtext is there. “Shit got ratcheted up 110 degrees.”