FATHER AND SON: Dayong Yang with his son Le in recent photo.

  • FATHER AND SON: Dayong Yang with his son Le in recent photo.

The Arkansas Blog reported yesterday on the resignation of the suspended 911 dispatch operator for the Little Rock police department who notified MEMS, the ambulance service, but apparently failed to notify police and fire agencies after a Little Rock nurses’s SUV slid off an icy road and into a cold pond in western Little Rock in January. The delay in arrival of units able to do a water rescue likely contributed to the eventual death of the driver of the car, Jinglei Yi, and serious injuries from exposure suffered by her five-year-old son, Le Yang.


I heard this morning from a family friend.

I know folks are curious about Le Yang. Several neighbors still keep in touch with his father Dayong. Le Yang was placed in the Arkansas Pediatric Hospital off McCain Blvd April 14th. He remains in a coma. His care was more than his father could handle.

Dayong rented out his home and lives in apartments closer to his son and his job.

Dayong is doing as well as can be expected. He goes to work, visits his son at lunch, goes back to work, and visits Le after work. This is his new normal.

An account was opened to help the family at Bank of the Ozarks.