Opponents say gay marriage will kill the institution of marriage.

But hold on a minute. Some are holding on.


COVENANT VOW: The Hucks sealed their deal with a kiss in 2005.

  • COVENANT VOW: The Hucks sealed their deal with a kiss in 2005.

Word comes from El Dorado, from the First Assembly of God specifically, of a convenant marriage ceremony at the church at 5 p.m. Sunday.


Debra Faulkner of El Dorado writes:

I am a family service counselor in Union County and a young married couple advisor for First Assembly in El Dorado. With all that is going on in our country over traditional marriage I believe this event is worth sharing for our state. This Sunday at 5:00 p.m. We have 12 couples that will be exchanging their traditional marriage license into a covenant marriage license. This establishment was set up by Gov. Mike Huckabee several years ago. These are the first couples in Union County to perform this ceremony.

At the urging of Huckabee, the legislature adopted a covenant marriage law in 2001. Louisiana had started the trend. In the end, only Arkansas and a couple of other states followed suit. Participants accept pre-marital counseling and accept tougher standards for divorce. You may recall that Huck and Mizriz Huck celebrated a recommitment of their vows, covenant style, at Verizon Arena, on Valentine’s Day 2005 before 8,000 people.


Not many Arkansans have followed in the Huckabees’ footsteps, perhaps deterred by the higher bar to divorce. Arkansas has always been a leader in divorce rates, despite its high ranking for religious fervor.

They tell me marriages can last a good while, covenant or no. Mine just passed the 37-year mark.