BATTLE READY: Hawks love Tom Cotton.

  • BATTLE READY: Hawks love Tom Cotton.

It’s not exactly surprising (Politico) that Republican foreign policy hawks churned up $100,000 this week for the Club for Growth’s Tom Cotton, temporary CFB emissary to the 4th District of Arkansas. The extremist Cotton is preparing to run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Mark Pryor. Extremism in use of military force and foreign intervention meshes perfectly with his general outlook. More guns. Less butter for poor children.

In a letter asking donors for support, Senor wrote he’s concerned by what he sees as a growing divide over where the party should be headed in terms of global engagement — an issue that splits people like him and Cotton from officials like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

“…[T]he GOP right now is drifting into dangerous waters, particularly in international affairs. There are increasingly prominent voices in the party who want America to disengage from world affairs, to let events unfold without the benefit of American leadership,” Senor wrote. “They are quite willing, even eager, for the United States to be at the mercy of events rather than help shape them.”

He went on: “Tom is the type of individual, based on his own history and his command of the issues, who can resist this siren call and explain — in a convincing, reassuring and powerful way — why America needs to provide leadership in the world, for the sake of security and peace, as well as for the strength of our democratic allies. One need look no further than the Middle East today — in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon; in Iraq; in Iran; in Israel and elsewhere — to see the results of American passivity.”

Casino magnate Adelson may want to elect candidates ready for more wars. Given the Iraq blunder and the ongoing Afghanistan quagmire, I’m not sure American voters have the same yen for battle. Though Cotton clearly does.