In answer to several who’ve asked: All I’ve been able to shake out of the Public Defender Commission about some recent developments there is a brief e-mail from Chairman Jerry Larkowski that a press release is coming this afternoon.

Didi Sallings, who has been executive director of the Commission and an employee since 1993, is now listed on the state’s transparency website as a “public defender I” at a salary of $67,626. She did not return my call.


The public defender system represents indigent defendants statewide.

CORRECTION: The public defender I salary I listed for Sallings actually applied to another employee with the same last name. Didi Sallings’ new position hasn’t been posted, but is expected to pay near $90,000, a reduction from a figure listed at $106,820 in the most recent listing.


UPDATE: Here’s the news in a statement from Larkowski:

Sallings stepped down today as executive director, but will continue in a new staff position to handle appellate work. Gregg Parrish will serve as interim director until a permanent successor is chosen.


Larkowski said, in part:

The demands of the job being what they are, and the toll that it can take on a person, a number of folks who have been very close to Didi over the years have recently become concerned about Didi the person much more than Didi the executive director. After much thought, counsel, and encouragement, Didi, on her own, has asked the commissioners to allow her to stand down as executive director and find a way that she can continue to serve this commission and our purposes. As the chair, I insisted that we honor that request, and I have spent the past few weeks trying to find a way to make that happen.

The full release follows.