WE LIKE MIKE: Today, Huckabee is worth a shoutout.

  • WE LIKE MIKE: Today, Huckabee is worth a shoutout.

It’s not the shortest book in the world, but I’m still happy to add a chapter to the fairly slender volume:

“When Mike Huckabee is Right He’s Right”

Here it’s for a subject he’s worked out on before: A denunciation of the Club for Growth, a tiny group of zillionaires financed over the years heavily by Jackson T. Stephens Jr. of Little Rock. Huckabee before has called them the Club for Greed, which is apt, given their anti-tax, anti-government spending position, particularly when coming from people like Stephens Jr., born with a silver shovel in his mouth.


Politico says Huckabee went “nuclear” on the CFG in his strongest denunciation yet.

Speculating that the Club might endorse a primary challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Huckabee told listeners: “I kind of have a standing philosophy: If the Club for Growth hates you, I like you.”

“When they’re against a candidate, I’ve got to figure out — there must be a reason I will like that candidate, and most likely will go help them, because I’m just so disgusted and frustrated and tired of the mind-set of the Club for Growth,” he said.

The Club for Growth, you’ll know if you read these pages, is the wellspring of funding for U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, who stuffed a carpetbag with clothes to leave Washington long enough to get elected in 2012 to represent the 4th District. It is bundling money for him furiously this year in expectation he’ll transfer that money over to a U.S. Senate race against Mark Pryor.


A Ouachita Baptist grad, like Huckabee, announced the other day as a Democratic candidate for 4th District Congress. She’s a Democrat, Janis Percefull. Maybe she should give Huck a call to tape some robocalls. Or, wait: Is that Mark Pryor on the line?