CHRIS WYRICK: UA advancement chief says budget balances!

  • CHRIS WYRICK: UA advancement chief says budget balances!

I’m not going to trouble you with a recitation of the sordid tale of busted budgets, excessive salaries, University of Arkansas secrecy, special dealing and other nastiness associated with the debacle in the advancement (fund-raising) division of the state’s flagship university at Fayetteville.


I think it is comment enough when a university that has a business school, is heavily subsidized by the Walton family and employs a battalion of six-figure assistant, asssociate, vice and assorted other chancellors must issue a news release that says:

Advancement Division Balances Fiscal Year 2013 Budget


What’s next?

UA accounting office bounced no checks in 2013!


All 2013 UA graduates can read!

Razorback linemen can tackle!

The news release, for your information (still lacking internal details on revenue sources and all expenditures):