OPEN TO PUBLIC: Acxiom Park at Third and River Market to open to public on trial basis.

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  • OPEN TO PUBLIC: Acxiom Park at Third and River Market to open to public on trial basis.

A question arises frequently about the landscaped park behind a fence next to the Acxiom headquarters building in the River Market neighborhood. Why not open it to all?


Acxiom has decided to open the gates on a trial basis. I got a copy of this note distributed internally by the company today:

Attention River Market Associates:

As a part of Acxiom’s commitment to the communities in which we live and operate, and as a gesture of goodwill for all the city of Little Rock has done for Acxiom, we are opening up the park next to our River Market building to the public during normal business hours.

As you know, a community of condo and apartment dwellers has grown up around our building over the last several years, and Acxiom’s park is one of the few green spaces in the downtown area. Opening our park will give our neighbors who live and work near us a much-needed oasis to enjoy during the day while still providing each of you with a nice, quiet spot to exercise, take breaks or eat lunch during the day.

The park will be closed to the public at night, on weekends and during any Acxiom-sponsored events (for example, Pumpkin Palooza and the annual July 4 fireworks show when many Acxiom associates bring their families to watch the fireworks from the park). The park will be open to the public on a one-year trial basis, after which the executive team may elect to continue public access or close the park to the public.

Thank you for your support in this community outreach.

Michael Eliason
VP, Administrative Services

The city approved a $36 million municipal bond issue to finance the Acxiom building in 2000. Acxiom was given a total exemption from property taxes on the building for 30 years as well as the preferred city financing. Since then, many in the community have grumbled about the inability to use either the park or (in non-business hours) the building parking deck.