The Democratic Party didn’t wait for Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton’s free barbecue in Dardanelle Tuesday to welcome him to the U.S. Senate race against incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor.


It has a website,, with information on Cotton’s voting record. “Too Reckless for Arkansas” is the message.

Elsewhere, Democrats continued to blast Cotton for his vote — one of only six Republicans — against legislation to prevent big increases in student loan costs. Students demonstrated and news releases flowed:
Tom Cotton’s arrogance has a price. After admitting last week he took government loans to pay for Harvard, Cotton still voted against a bipartisan deal to provide Arkansas students with low interest college loans because now that he’s paid for school he no longer believes government should provide low interest loans to college students.

With this single vote, Tom Cotton would charge 68,000 Arkansans who rely on these student loans an extra $900, all because he doesn’t believe they should receive the same kind of assistance he did in paying for school

Full release follows.


UPDATE FIRST: Republicans have a Pryor attack website, too. All Obama all the time.