It took several tries, but today Attorney General Dustin McDaniel approved the latest version of a proposed initiative to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

The proposal came from Arkansans for Responsible Medication, which failed to pass a medical marijuana initiative in 2012. Analysis afterward concluded that an element that allowed people far from dispensaries to grow their own marijuana had contributed to the defeat of the measure, which had enjoyed broad polling support. That provision has been eliminated this time.

The petition drive now can begin to qualify the measure for the 2014 ballot.


Here’s the opinion.

Also today, McDaniel rejected another medical mariuana proposal from a different group on account of ambiguities in the measure.


Marijuana sales would be subject to the sales tax. The state sales tax revenue would be designated 25% to the Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank, 25% to the Arkansas Historic Preservation Fund (established by the act), 25% to the Public Health Fund and 25% to the Behavioral Health Services Fund Account